My Transplant-Ready Workbook

The first ever workbook designed for patients and their family members to help you navigate through the challenging transplant journey.

This workbook is designed to be a journal where you can keep your most important information about transplant, along with your contacts, and your reflections and expectations.

You can download the workbook as a pdf, so that you can type in it using your computer. Use the link below to download a copy:

My Transplant-Ready Workbook (fill out online)

You can also print a copy and carry it with you when you see your transplant team. Use the link below for printing the workbook:

My Transplant-Ready Workbook (print)

Free printed copies of the workbook are available from MoKP contracted transplant and dialysis facilities. Ask for a copy next time you are at dialysis or visiting a Missouri transplant hospital.

This workbook was created by the Missouri Kidney Collaborative. It was made possible through a generous donation from the Gloria Hartman family. It is dedicated to the Hartman family and to everyone waiting for a kidney transplant. This workbook is intended to supplement, organize, and build upon the information and guidance provided by medical professionals.

Virtual Patient Education Classes

These videos are presented by Missouri professionals who are experts in their field. There are 6 topic videos covering all aspects of kidney disease. The 7th video is a panel of transplant and dialysis patients answering your frequently asked questions.

These video classes are for those who have not yet started treatment for kidney failure, are new to treatment, are considering their options for treatment, and for those who want to learn more about kidney disease.

Intro to Kidney Disease

Print slides for Introduction to Kidney Disease

Diet and Kidney Disease

Print slides for Diet and Kidney Disease

Coping with and Paying for Kidney Disease

Print slides for Coping with and Paying for Kidney Disease

Kidney Transplant

Print slides for Kidney Transplant


Print slide for Hemodialysis

Peritoneal Dialysis

Print slides for Peritoneal Dialysis

Patient Panel

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