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Medication Copay Assistance

The Missouri Kidney Program has contracted with Kilgore’s Medical Pharmacy since 2002 to provide medication and Immunosuppressant assistance to MoKP participants.

Benefits of using our medication program include but are not limited to:

  • The list of medications on the MoKP formulary are dispensed to you at no cost
  • Medications not on the MoKP formulary are billed to you by the contracted pharmacy
  • MoKP staff will work with the contracted pharmacy to manage enrollment in Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans (PDP) to ensure the least out-of-pocket expense and will work with their staff to resolve insurance billing issues before contacting you.

To view medications on our formulary please click here.

Kilgore’s Medical Pharmacy provides MoKP participants with:

  • Free mailing statewide
  • SYNC Program. Have your prescriptions filled just once a month. This is
    • Convenient
    • You only receive one package a month
    • Helps you stay compliant with your medications
    • You never run out of your medications
    • Kilgore’s Medical Pharmacy staff will personally contact you. You don’t have to remember to call them
  • Online ordering is patient friendly and you are able to see a list of your medications and available fills if you prefer to order your medications online

Transportation Reimbursement

Missouri Kidney Program offers reimbursement for transportation expenses to and from dialysis treatments.

Transportation assistance is available from the MoKP as reimbursement for mileage for a personal vehicle, public transportation such as a bus, Call-A-Ride, Share-A-Fare, or as a vendor. A vendor is a designation we use typically for a privately owned transportation company such as a cab company. These expenses can be quite high on a monthly basis, so these requests must go through an Exception Committee.

Once approved for this service, the participant or dialysis center will pay for the transportation services all month for trips to and from the dialysis center and the participant’s home. MoKP will reimburse a facility once the transportation has been paid. MoKP cannot reimburse participants or vendors directly.

Private Insurance Premium reimbursement for kidney transplant recipients only

Missouri Kidney Program offers reimbursement for insurance premiums for transplant recipients no longer requiring dialysis.

The insurance premium reimbursement must be arranged through the transplant center. The reimbursement can only be for the individual who has the kidney transplant – MoKP cannot cover spouses or family insurance plans. Typical plans covered by MoKP are Medicare supplement plans, employer-groups health sponsored plans, and plans purchased through the Marketplace.

Once approved for this service, the participant or transplant center will pay for the monthly/quarterly premium. MoKP will reimburse a facility once the insurance premium has been paid. MoKP cannot reimburse participants or insurance providers directly.

Transplant Assistance

Eligibility, How to Apply and Use:

  • Up to $1,000 total
  • To help defray non-medical costs associated with transplant (lodging during transplant, childcare, lost wages, travel costs, and living expenses)
  • For transplant recipients who are Missouri residents, do not need to be receiving other MoKP assistance.
  • For living donors- they can live outside of Missouri, as long as the recipient is a Missouri resident.
  • Amount can be shared between donor and/or recipient.
  • No asset or income requirements.
  • Request letter to be submitted by the Transplant Facility to the MoKP Director (Sample letter available here).
  • Approved amount will be sent directly to the Transplant Facility for the recipient and or donor.
  • The transplant must have occurred within 6 months of the request.

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